Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nine days in February..

The view of the alps was

breathtaking into Milan on
Wednesday morning -
where is my real camera;
although I must say,
iPHONE was a lot better than niente!!

 Who says February cannot be a great month, even if we are

starting to be weary over the winter weather! Not the typical start of a month for me, but given our dreadful course of weather these past couple of months, I've bucked up, and
enjoyed, ok,
really savored new adventures:
Hot Vinyasa class at
sushi at Nana Sushi,

coolest Negroni and antipasti
on the Navigli in Milano,
enjoying lunch at the Anema e Cozze in the warm Italian sun
watching the gorgeous passenger/aka Fendi model on
Men's Fashion Week Milan on FTV

 Marco Aneli's exhibit was the world premier of his project done in New York - quite provoking! Look at these faces!!!!

 Favorite window on Via Casale in the Navigli district - YOU'RE MY FAVORITE WORK OF ART.

Car waiting for me in the lobby? Thank you Melia!!!! 
However,MILAN 48HR does just as good to get around for 48 hours - try it!!

Love this illustration of the Grotto Beach Resort ...
I know that I keep saying my word for 2011 is STILL.
This grotto photo, I took with my IPHONE to me says STILL.

The rest of the 9 days, still - maybe not so much
NYC view and my new friends: Jax and Yasmiin!!

Home for one day, before I leave for Buenos Aires for pretty much the rest of the month! BRAVA!!! Tango, hopefully long lunches and late dinners with friends, visits to the new Hotel Fierro that the Rosbergs are involved with (Fierro Hotel) Tango lessons at Borges Cultural (TANGO Lessons) and lots of Malbec and Manzo!
Oh and one bottle of Uxmal Sauvignon Blanc!!!