Monday, April 19, 2021


The Atlanta Olmsted Plein-Air Event is in Atlanta as I write.  Yes, my friends I am off on a quick little trip to spend a couple of days with my friend Merrily and forty of the best plein-air painters in the country.  This, not the usual trip for Jetset Wisdom, but this, the new normal.  For us. Just a bit longer I suppose.  Not diminishing such an incredible event, but embracing that we have the time to enjoy domestic offerings like never before.  We look forward to sharing with you the beauty of Atlanta private gardens,  spring blooms and beautiful paintings done in the Goizueta Gardens of the The Atlanta History Center. This is the 7th Olmsted Event, titled so appropriately "Resilience". That we have. And we all are standing proud and strong that we will get through this! A favorite muse, from Aix en Provence, Jill Steenhuis is painting with the invitational. I have participated in a two day painting retreat with her and she is extraordinary in her skill and her spiritual journey through painting. More to come! Where is your next domestic adventure taking you?