Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Grand Finale for a visit to Venice!

Recently, returning from a 12 day cruise, on the decadent Oceania's Insignia, we arrived in Venice, for our final day, and overnight.  There are a couple of very fine details about making Venice one of your favorite destinations.  The finest detail, is at the end of your journey. Whether you are disembarking from a cruise (in my case), or leaving your hotel, the preferable choice of transport is a WATER TAXI.  Not only is it a very efficient way to get 'out of dodge', without question, it is an exhilarating arrivederci to Italia!  Lugging luggage over the steps of St. Mark's, onto the Vaporetto, squishing into a 12" square area with your bags, and hoping to be able to hop off at the right station is not for the faint-hearted, especially after a stunning visit in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Nor is buying into the 'excursion' fare of the ship to transport you (with hundreds of others) to the airport....Don't do it to yourself!

 My driver of the day happens to be LUCCA, my very very favorite Italian name.  Lucca, at Venice Water Taxi is your man.  24hours a is +39.041.5229040...request my Lucca, but most likely any of their drivers will indulge.  The boats are superb, spotless and it's reminiscent of   a James Bond movie in a cigarette boat....with a very fine Italian flair!...AND between 4-5 people will only run  about E25 each with a generous gratuity (read: lots of luggage:   5 girls and 12 days...madonna!!!)  I had to attach a photo of Angie from Marbella, feeling quite smug about the whole moment!  Bacione , Venezia!

Another little detail of making the most of your visit, is planning a very early visit to  St. Mark's Square. Once that's done before the crowds (that would be by 10am),  spend time over in Accademia, visiting the museums (Galleria dell' Accademia is full of top art from the Venetian Renaissance), enjoying dinner at one of the many local osterie or trattorie, one of my long-time favorites is Trattoria Ai Cugnai at 857 Dorsoduro, which is run by 3 sister-in-laws and their sons - quite a handful, I must admit!  Buy yourself a day pass on the Vaporetto, and get out of the main areas - Venice is so full of secrets and surprises. Explore!! By the way, I'd love to hear what your favorite travel wisdom is about  Venice?

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