Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Was A Jet Set Stewardess (Full Episode)

I Was A Jet Set Stewardess (Full Episode) - just watched this Smithsonian Channel documentary last night, thanks to my good friend, Sue, who was astute enough to know I would never have this opportunity on my own television!

 Of course, being Jetset Wisdom, I loved the title.  That this has been (one of) my careers for the past twenty-six years, the doc definitely depicts the finer times of our lives.  Although many of the glamourous aspects (like week long sojurns in Fiji) were before my time, we still have the power and the ability to show up for someone's birthday in London, a wine show in Paris, the EXPO in Milan, visiting family in faraway places, and Fat Tuesday in Rio.

Our life is truly, something to behold. Here is the link  http://bitly.com/1o780yH

Enjoy! And look for my new posts on the trips to Great Britain this spring!

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