Thursday, June 1, 2023

What do these words mean? Geode, Throat Diver, Scandiculture, Brennivin, Raest, Slippurinn, Eddas, oh and of course, the Viking Icelandic horse?

Come and find out!

Heading to Iceland and the Faeroes on a 

Ten Day Silversea Voyage 

to experience S.A.L.T. on the luxe and intimate Silver Moon -

July 14-24, 2023

Sea and Land Taste is offered both onboard at the Kitchen, Bar and classes and at destinations in bespoke S.A.L.T. excursions.  This is  Silversea's new culinary experience, that will enliven any destination as it is curated for a real foodie experience, as well as of course, all the other amenities that I will share as I go!

Where to pick, on these hazy, hot and humid  days of summer in Virginia....Why not to Iceland and the Faeroe Islands (Danish)  on the Silver Moon, Reykjavik return 10 days! 

About five years ago, I attended an Iceland weekend while visiting Toronto, which included art, then films (with my BFF Brenda), an Icleandic Dinner with Garrett (who else is the best sport about dining?) and bought the book Independent People by Halldór Laxness, winner of the nobel Prize in Literature. ISBN 0679-76792-4. It's been on my list to explore, understand, experience the culture, the people and the food.  I love a new destination for me, that I can immerse in pre-trip, don't you?  Joining a Silversea cruise is truly an optimal way to explore a place like Iceland. Unpack once, (with the butler doing the organizing...) be on the sea (we are in the middle of the ocean anyways, aren't we?) and have plenty of summer light (mostly 20+ hours a day) to explore each and every stop, which are great long days! Brilliant!

I just read an exciting article from Adam Sachs, the former Saveur editor-in-chief, who is spearheading this new program for Silver Moon, and Silver Dawn (my Petra/Petra experience that I am hosting in January 2024, P.S.  cannot wait for the S.A.L.T. experience in this region!).

Please take a read, if you ever thought Iceland was not about food, read on, and add this extra amuse-bouche to the long lists of opportunities, from hiking, photography, fishing, bathing, painting, touching, smelling, and water...the land of Fire and Ice, Here is the lowdown on the food

There is also a S.A.L.T. Lab Radio on Spotify - will listen to the one on Lisbon's Cacué today!

Why don't you think about joining me? The value on Silversea is unsurpassed, luxury, quality and just 600 passengers make for a truly bespoke experience.  To be in Iceland, and on the Silverseas, to me, could not be better.  We have ten days exploring eight destinations around the whole island of Iceland, plus a big day on Faeroe Islands.  All of the destinations have included excursions, that are beautifully curated by locals.  The value that I can offer you booking with me, as  an Ensemble/TEN advisor will please even the most discerning traveler - please reach out, @540.718.4046 or for further information!  

And as a special special, I can offer $500 off the Silversea published rate, on their website, just because I can, as per my personal connection last week. This is just for my cruise on July 14th departure, #MO2320714010.  There are other departures available which have very special amenities that I can offer.

That being said here is your link to incredible offerings with Silversea: and let me know if I can help you decide where and when you'd like to experience this kind of cruising!

All photos ©Silversea Cruises Ltd.

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